Appointment Safety Agency

Ministry industries appointed three professional firms as SAFETY AGENCIES (SA) for Ship breaking industries. A defined scope of work is given to the SAFETY AGENCY by the Ministry of Industries (MOI).

Safety Agencies are responsible to identify and mark areas of Hazardous materials on board the vessels for demolition and supervise the removal of the same maintaining proper safety. A Ship Recycling Plan (SRP) for every individual vessel is made by competent personnel of the SA, respective Ship Recycling facility obtained cutting permission from MOI after submitting this SRP along with other required documents/papers. Competent inspection teams of SA visits ship breaking facilities every working day to ensure HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY are maintained till the end of dismantling of every single vessel. Starting, Periodical and completion reports are submitted to MOI as per their requirements laid down in the scope of work.

Apart from supervisory responsibility SA conducts training programs mainly in the breaking facilities to develop awareness and skill of the workers. SA formatted various check lists for various critical jobs/operations.

A remarkable improvement is visible since appointing SAFETY AGENCIES for the supervision of overall ship recycling activities.