Occupational Health and Environmental Safety:-

As it was not a preplanned industry and due to commercial interest, industry’s growth was very rapid, at initial stage health safety of workers and Environmental safety issues did not get appropriate attention of the authorities hence, compliance in these sectors were inadequate. Therefore, Ship breaking / recycling came in the focal point of criticism on issues of noncompliance of the environment protection and health and safety of the workers. At one stage in 2009, total breaking activities in Bangladesh were interrupted for quite a long time by the order from the High Court.

MITI Enterprise, being a local consultancy firm took the challenge for the development of the recycling yards and developed infrastructure and management systems of more than fifty breaking/recycling yards.

In absence of specific guideline from Government during that time ( The Ship breaking and recycling rules 2011, came only on 2011 ), developmental works were done mainly in line with the requirements of ISO 30000 : 2011 ( Ship Recycling Management system ) of International Organization of Standardization ( ISO ) and other International and national legislation.

A competent technical team consisting  of Master Mariners ( Merchant Ship Captains ), Marine Engineers, lawyers, Doctors, Environment experts were working in Ship Breaking facilities for up gradation . Recycling Facilities have developed relevant infrastructures keeping in mind “the Safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships “under our direct guidance and supervision. In the years between 2009 and 2010, forty two ship recycling yards achieved ISO 30000:2011 certificates (non-accredited ) from a foreign certification body. An inspection team of Bangladesh Accreditation Board ( BAB ) appreciated the consultancy works of Miti Enterprise during that time and recommended to continue the same endeavor.

Most of the yards built separate storage facilities for oils, sludge, oily water, asbestos, glass wools, PCBs and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Also built accommodation, toilets, dining facilities, recreation rooms, medical facility rooms under guidelines of Miti Enterprise.  PPEs  ( Personal Protective Equipment ), Fire Fighting Equipment and other safety equipment were provided  and demonstrations were given for proper use of those.

A complete manual was developed for each breaking yards. Policy of the yard, responsibility of employees, total working procedures was depicted in the manual. Numbers of check lists are incorporated covering all aspects to ensure safety, security and protection against all types of pollution. Due considerations were given to local government laws and recommendations, requirements of IMO’s Hong Kong Convention (HKC), Basel Convention, ILO Convention, and other international standards while guiding / suggesting improvement of the facilities.