Areas of Expertise


Provide consultancy and training to various industries and organizations for the development of infrastructures and management systems in line with local and global requirements and standards. One of our mentionable job in the field of consultancy and training is towards Ship Recycling Yards of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a leading ship recycling nation of the world. On an average more than one third of the total tonnage is recycled in Bangladesh. This industry was in the focal point of controversy ( locally and globally ) for substandard environmental and occupational health-safety issues. At one stage ship breaking activities were totally stopped by honorable High Court of Bangladesh on the same environmental and occupational health-safety issues.

MITI Enterprise, as consultant played a vital role for the improvement of the situation. A competent technical team of Miti Enterprise working since end 2009 for the improvement of the ship recycling facilities of Bangladesh. Between end 2009 and beginning 2011, Miti Enterprise provided consultancy and training to sixty (60) ship recycling yards out of about eighty ( 80 ) active ship recycling yards. Under the direct supervision of our technical team all these ship breaking facilities developed their infrastructure and management systems to meet the requirements of ISO 30000:2009 ( Ship Recycling Management System ) and to the broader extend of the International Convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships, 2009.

MITI ENTERPRISE selected and appointed as SAFETY AGENCY for Ship Breaking & Recycling industry by the Ministry of Industry in September 2014. Ministry of Industries of Bangladesh is the concerned ministry for the Ship breaking and Recycling industry. They have formulated and circulated Ship Breaking and Recycling Rules 2011 for implementation. Safety Agency on behalf of the Ministry of Industry ensures ENVIRONMENTAL and OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY of Ship Breaking & Recycling yards from the beginning till end of cutting a vessel in line with the Ship Breaking and Recycling Rules’ 2011.


Apart from consultancy to Ship Recycling Facilities, our experienced consultant team also provide consultancy services to ship building yards, various industries and organizations for the development of office management systems ( ISO 9001 : 2008 ), Environment management System ( ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety management System ( OHSAS 18001) and other management systems relevant to individual industries/organizations.


Couple of ship building yards of Bangladesh building European standard ocean going vessels & ferries and exporting to European countries. Some of the yards already exported couple of vessels to Denmark, West Germany and quite a few other countries of Europe built under IACS member classification society. More and more owners are showing interest because of high standard of building at lower price.
We do have experience professionals to assist overseas ship owners to select appropriate building yards and supervise the total project from negotiation to delivery on behalf of the owner. It saves a lot for the owner without compromising the quality.